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High cholesterol. Do not eat “yolk” really?

If I have high cholesterol , is it really forbidden to eat egg yolks? have any faith. That’s not correct anymore? Let’s go to learn the knowledge.  Don’t eat egg yolks? Not true Medically, there has never been a “ban” for eating egg yolks in people. But would like to

What is your goal?

What is your goal? Have you started planning anything for your life yet? Isn’t there at all? It’s not strange. Because most people are not the same. And that’s why they failed. If your life lacks planning It’s also very easy to do things that are rarely needed. Finally go out to

Hot compress or cold compress.

Hot compress or cold compress. Compressing is one method use in first aid. To help reduce and relieve pain or injury by the device, hot and cold compress looks like a plastic bag. Inside contains a gel-like gel. It is a medical device that can be easily purchased and is usually kept at

5 ways to wake up and not sleepy.

5 ways to wake up and not sleepy. Many people may have a problem with wake up early, rushing to work, rushing to school, but wake up and feeling sleepy. I want to sleep for another 5 minutes. I feel tired. If your face is not bright.