High cholesterol. Do not eat “yolk” really?

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If I have high cholesterol , is it really forbidden to eat egg yolks? have any faith. That’s not correct anymore? Let’s go to learn the knowledge.

 Don’t eat egg yolks?

Not true Medically, there has never been a “ban” for eating egg yolks in people. But would like to “restrict” the amount of egg yolks appropriately to no more than 3 eggs per week. UFABET But for egg whites can eat.

Should not exercise.

Not true Cholesterol is usually good and bad cholesterol. Exercise can help increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body. Therefore, in people with recommended exercise. To help increase good cholesterol. And will help improve the health of the blood vessels and heart.

Have to take medicine for the rest of my life.

Is true If whenever the doctor considers drug therapy. That is how doctors try to take medicine to prevent blood clots, ruptures, narrowing. If you have or are at risk of heart disease, stroke, paralysis. Your doctor may consider taking the drug for the rest of your life. To prevent the veins from getting worse.

But for the younger ones and there is not much risk. No risk of diabetes , high blood pressure, no smoking or no risk of any dangerous disease. Your doctor may consider a diet. and follow up on symptoms