How To Exercise For Good Health?

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Exercise is an activity that involves physical exertion or movement of the body, which comes in many forms. Regular exercise is beneficial to health by helping to regulate the body and control emotions very well.

Including strengthening various aspects of physical fitness, including endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility, as follows:UFABET  

  • Endurance helps strengthen the heart so that the body can transport oxygen to cells better and not tire easily when doing strenuous activities.
  • Strength allows you to carry heavy objects, exert force, and perform other activities that require muscle use better.
  • Balance helps you to maintain your balance and move your body without easily falling.
  • Flexibility allows you to stretch, bend, and move your body more easily.

Exercise should be stopped if you feel tightness or pain in your chest , neck, shoulders, or arms, or if you experience dizziness, stomach cramps, cold sweats, cramps, or pain in your joints, feet, ankles, or legs.

How to test flexibility?

The practitioner sits on the edge of a chair and extends one leg with the heel touching the floor and the toes pointing upwards. The practitioner bends the other leg so that the foot is flat on the floor. Slowly reach out and touch the toes of the extended leg. Try to stretch until you feel a stretch and retest. After a month to see how far you can reach to touch your toes.