8 Things That Will Make Your Coworkers Hate You

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The workplace is like everyone’s second home. Because each day we have to spend more than half of our people time at work. So if we all Coworkers to create a better place to live It would make ourselves and our colleagues happy to work. But if you feel that being in love is making you uncomfortable. And your coworkers will definitely hate you.

1. Always late for work

Rules and regulations concerning the work of companies Often it is clearly stated how many hours to go to work. Even when working with flexible hours, a minimum number of hours must also be specified.

Therefore, if you are always late, your colleagues UFABET and supervisors will see that you are taking advantage of other colleagues. Especially if it’s about working as a team like a meeting. being late often It’s not hard to make your coworkers hate you.

2. Be dirty

If you’re a party coworkers and then hang out to work every day. Looks hungover and can’t work efficiently. In addition, not taking a shower and dressing properly will make you look bad as well. When you become filthy, no one wants to get close, and you can’t maintain the manners of working with others. Prepare to be hated.

3. It doesn’t help at all.

Many people tend to rely on the job description as an important document of what their job is and refuse to help others in any way, especially anything that is not mentioned in the job description, even if it is trivial. that a colleague asks for help I refused. “It’s not a job” that you can actually complete your own work. But you will never have another colleague.

4. Office mount pin

Waking up in the morning is better than talking. especially talking about other people in the office whether it’s about dressing work or even secret matters who secretly know or dig Especially if you can spread these negative thoughts every day. Even the people who are your friends at work are probably starting to suspect you’re going to talk about them at some point.

5. Take time for work to do personal things.

Everyone has their own personal concerns, like going shopping in the mall instead of working in the office. or rushing home to see friends But taking sick leave during the day or taking sick leave to take time to work on personal errands is definitely not good in the long run. The reason is probably not different from being late often. It’s because you’re taking advantage of your coworkers during work hours.

6. Complain about everything, don’t keep secrets.

Complain about everything, no exceptions. Whether it’s an obstacle at work, it’s to blame for everything that isn’t yourself. Small office glitches are taken as a subject for entertaining discussions that begin to make others feel that work has become a daunting task. This will not only make your mind cloudy. Colleagues who need to listen to you often would be discouraged as well

7. Always on mobile

In this era, everyone is accustomed to using a mobile phone, whether it is updating news and information. to connecting with others through social media such as Facebook Line or Instragram, which many people may spend hours at work playing social media

8. Act like a boss all the time.

As for people who like to flatter, there are probably many places where this group of people will act close to their supervisors until they are often entrusted to take care of various matters. power with colleagues is to act as a supervisor This is another factor that will immediately make you feel confident.