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Precautions for safe use of turmeric.

Taking turmeric in normal amounts found in food or applied to the skin is likely safe. But it should not be used for more than 8 months. Other uses of turmeric, such as mouthwash and enemas, should be used for a short period of time


Since chickpeas are relatively low in calories compared to their nutritional content. Many believe that they may help with weight management. There have been some studies done on their effectiveness in weight management health. One study found that people who regularly ate chickpeas had a lower risk

How To Exercise For Good Health?

Exercise is an activity that involves physical exertion or movement of the body, which comes in many forms. Regular exercise is beneficial to health by helping to regulate the body and control emotions very well. Including strengthening various aspects of physical fitness, including endurance, strength,

Apple Cider With Doubts About The Health Benefits.

Apple cider is rich in minerals and vitamins such as pectin, biotin, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamins B6 sodium, calcium, potassium and iron among others. However, it is difficult to tell the exact composition of commercially available apple cider vinegar. Because it

What are probiotics ?

Nowadays , probiotics are produced in many forms. From foods, beverages, to various supplements. Normally, microorganisms can be divided into several groups. But only certain strains in certain groups are probiotics. Examples of probiotics that are commonly used as ingredients in various products and are relatively safe to eat

Onions a healthy kitchen Ingredient.

Onions a plant in the same family as garlic is no less popular. Both shallots and shallots are important ingredients to enhance the taste and aroma of food. That must always be a companion in the kitchen. and in addition to being useful in cooking. Onions may also

Kombucha information.

Kombucha is made by fermenting tea. Such as black or green tea, sugar, microorganisms and yeast for at least one week, resulting in an acidic drink. The main ingredient is acetic acid. Including B vitamins and many other substances. When drinking this tea, it gives a

High cholesterol. Do not eat “yolk” really?

If I have high cholesterol , is it really forbidden to eat egg yolks? have any faith. That’s not correct anymore? Let’s go to learn the knowledge.  Don’t eat egg yolks? Not true Medically, there has never been a “ban” for eating egg yolks in people. But would like to

How to drink green tea get healthy.

Green tea is a healthy drink. It is high in antioxidants. Helps to look younger than age. It is also a beverage that has the ability to lose weight . Today we have a way to drink to benefit health Plus it helps to lose weight. Let’s leave each other. Drink the