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Precautions for safe use of turmeric.

Taking turmeric in normal amounts found in food or applied to the skin is likely safe. But it should not be used for more than 8 months. Other uses of turmeric, such as mouthwash and enemas, should be used for a short period of time


Since chickpeas are relatively low in calories compared to their nutritional content. Many believe that they may help with weight management. There have been some studies done on their effectiveness in weight management health. One study found that people who regularly ate chickpeas had a lower risk

How To Exercise For Good Health?

Exercise is an activity that involves physical exertion or movement of the body, which comes in many forms. Regular exercise is beneficial to health by helping to regulate the body and control emotions very well. Including strengthening various aspects of physical fitness, including endurance, strength,

5 ways to eat to reduce disease For women aged 50 years

5 ways to eat to reduce disease For women aged 50 years and over, helps control weight and reduce risk. Women entering their fifties Nutritional needs and metabolic rate often change. Due to hormonal changes decreased muscle mass and a slower metabolism This affects weight control, bones, and overall health. Eating a