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5 ways to eat to reduce disease For women aged 50 years

5 ways to eat to reduce disease For women aged 50 years and over, helps control weight and reduce risk. Women entering their fifties Nutritional needs and metabolic rate often change. Due to hormonal changes decreased muscle mass and a slower metabolism This affects weight control, bones, and overall health. Eating a

Newcastle considers all legal channels with Tonali.

Newcastle will consider all their legal options. While facing the shocking news. That summer signing Sandro Tonali could be banned for at least 12 months for illegal gambling football. The FA is waiting for confirmation of the penalty from the Italian authorities. Before checking for any violations

PSG reveals Skriniar signs a 5-year contract.

Milan Skriniar the defender of the Slovak national team Became a new player for Paris Saint-Germain official. Paris Saint-Germain club website Announcing the contract with Skriniar has been confirmed. The five-year contract will keep the Slovakian centre-back at the Parc des Princes until 2028. Skriniar had a pre-agreed deal