Just fat or at risk of “thyroid” Come check yourself.

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Just fat or at risk of “thyroid” Come check yourself.

We may have often heard through our ears. That if we have disease will make you fatter. So how do we know? That we just gained weight because we ate too much. Exercise a little Or because of the thyroid risk? Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

An abnormal condition gland, such as obesity or hypothyroidism, is caused by the thyroid gland producing too little hormone. The body therefore burns less. gain weight and get fat enough But the weight gain It is not a clear indication that you are at risk disease. Must have the following symptoms:

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in the body. It produces hormones. Helps in the growth of the body Regulate body temperature Helps metabolize nutrients

It stimulates the functioning of the cardiovascular system and regulates the functioning of other organs throughout the body.

The thyroid gland is not functioning properly. will make various systems Variations in the body can be roughly divided into 2 groups:

– Thyroid syndrome caused by hormonal abnormalities

– Groups that develop a lump in the neck, have symptoms of an enlarged neck, goiter, or a lump near the gland.

Thyroid produces excess hormones

The thyroid gland produces too much hormone, causing hyperthyroidism. Symptoms include trembling hands, heart palpitations, irritability, sweating easily, insomnia, eating a lot but losing weight. It’s like there’s a metabolism going on all the time. Your body weight may decrease by 5-10 kilograms within 1 month even if you do not exercise. Hurry and see a doctor for treatment. If left untreated gland can become severely toxic. It can cause heart failure.

Risk factors for thyroid disease

– Having a goiter 
– Obesity, swelling, difficult to lose weight even if eating little
– Feeling cold all the time  
– Hair loss, constipation, frequent cramps
– Frequently sleepy, sluggish, forgetful

 There are also other types of thyroid abnormalities, namely thinness or hyperthyroidism, which are caused by the body having abnormal metabolism. Therefore, being fatter or thinner cannot be used as a conclusion. Can you tell if you have thyroid disease or not? It needs to be diagnosed by a medical professional. So it will the best.

Low thyroid hormone production

The thyroid gland produces “too little” hormone, causing hypothyroidism. Symptoms are the opposite overproducing hormones, meaning they rarely metabolize. Gain weight easily Gaining weight quickly, sluggish, cold, constipated, frequently sleepy, sleeping a lot, weak muscles, not having much energy, easily cramping. This group should also see a doctor immediately.

Lumps on gland

In the case where a lump is found on gland This does not mean that it must always be cancer. To know whether it is cancer or not,lump must drilled to take cells for examination if the lump does not affect daily life. The doctor did not recommend surgery because the area had many vocal cords and blood vessels.