Techniques for presenting

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Techniques for presenting. One of the factors that will help sell the job through is a good presentation. Whether presenting a project for sale Presenting products or even present to sell interesting ideas. It is one of the skills that working people should have.

One of the people who can present Selling here and there is an interesting Steve Jobs of the Apple Company, not only remembering the black shirt and jeans. But many times the presentation of his products wows everyone. received a ground-breaking applause Followed by smashing bookings and sales. How did Steve Jobs do that? Let’s see his skills and presentation style!

Techniques for presenting

Make the presentation topic interesting.

The topic doesn’t have to be impressive. But it could be a word or phrase that makes the reader want to follow. I’d love to hear what we have to offer next, such as ‘There is something in the air today’, the expression Steve Jobs opened at the beginning of Macworld. 

There are no products to be seen. but makes people want to follow this idiom or phrase What is it related to? Or ‘The world’s thinnest notebook’. The title featured on Apple’s slides, banners and website when the MacBook Air launched, prompted people to wonder what the world’s thinnest notebook is? And what are the differences? 

Therefore, before the presentation Try to choose the main features that you want to offer. or set the theme of the presentation Then look for relevant and interesting sentences, words, or phrases. Set it as a presentation topic. It will help to draw attention. and stimulate the curiosity of the listeners.

Present with a ‘simple’ demonstration to arouse interest.

Presenting with only content or packed with information even useful. But it made the listeners lose their interest. Also easily bored attention-getting techniques. Its not making the listeners bored of Steve Jobs is a demonstration of the products. Let people see it in action. In the case of selling products. This will help people understand the product more quickly than having to go through 3-4 slides of information or if your product has outstanding features. You think this is your strength and can beat the competition. Then find a way to demonstrate which does not need to be embellished.

 For example, at the MacBook Air launch event, Steve Jobs showed everyone how thin this MacBook Air is. He walked with only a paper envelope. Then open the envelope and take out the MacBook Air. It’s a simple demonstration. but wow everyone and imagine the thinness that it is so thin that it can be put into a paper envelope