Type of wine glass

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The principle of choosing a Type of wine glass is not difficult at all. Just choose a wine glass to suit the type of wine itself. So let’s go see. How many types of wine glasses are there? And each type is suitable for what type of wine? Let’s go!!

Type of wine glass

red wine glass

Red wine glasses have a fat and round body with a wide mouth to increase the space for air to enter the oxidation reaction with the wine inside the glass. This reaction helps red wines to have a softer, smoother taste and easier to drink because red wines usually have a specific property, namely a strong flavor. and complicated There are several types of red wine glasses: Grand Cru for strong red wines. Full-bodies or long-aged red wines, cabernet glasses, and large Bordeaux glasses can be used with most wines. except for light wines Finally, Pinot Noir and Burgundy glasses are perfect for light-bodies to mudium-bodies. gives a mild scent of the wine infused in the glass for longer

white wine glass

White wine glasses have a U-shaped body, are tall and slim and have a narrower mouth than red wine glasses. Because white wine doesn’t need air for oxidation. Narrow mouth U-shaped glass It also helps to keep cool. and make smell Or the aroma of white wine will remain in the glass longer as well. There are two types of white wine glasses: a Seuvignon Blanc for light-wine wines and a Chardonnay, suitable for wines.

rosé wine glass

rosé wine glass It is a wine with a light aroma. and the unique soft and smooth taste The wine glass for rosé wines has a tall, sleek body. Not a round bulb with a narrow mouth to prevent the air from reacting with the wine until it destroys the aroma. There are two types of rosé wine glasses: Slight Taper Design for rich rosé wines. 

glass of sparkling wine or champagne glasses

glass of sparkling wine or champagne glasses It has a long, slender and tall glass body with a narrow mouth that protects the champagne from exposure to the air. to keep bubbles and fizz for as long as possible The stem is taller than other types of glass. to prevent heat from hands Because champagne is often served chilled. 

sweet wine glass

Sweet wine is a wine to pair with desserts and cakes. It has a relatively high alcohol content. glass for sweet wine It depends on the type of sweet wine you drink. If it is a sweet wine with a high alcohol content and a very sweet taste. It is best to use a sweet wine glass with a narrow mouth. To avoid the taste of the wine too sweet. Simply put, the more alcohol. It’s better to use narrow-mouthed wine glasses, sweet wine glasses. Such as grappa glass and Shanghai Soul Liqueur.