Professional presentation

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Slides are for viewing not the main part of the presentation

Professional presentation slides are usually short sentences or just a single image to accompany his speech only If according to psychology. Slides filled with letters will keep the audience from listening to what we have to say. because focusing on reading the text on the slide There’s also a study showing that after 72 hours, listeners remember only 10% of the text from slides containing text. So who’s busy putting information on slides before presenting? Try modifying it with a picture, a short sentence, or a clearly visible statistical graph. Then focus on the lecture, style or demonstration. Guarantee that the work will not be boring and will definitely make people remember the content more.

Professional presentation

Presenting with a story, creating an antagonist to play a hero.

Of course, that people will decide to buy a piece. or agree to use any service Must be products and services that can meet the needs and help solve the problems they are facing. The creation of antagonists here may be slick. Use it as a competitor brand. Presenting that this product or this service cannot answer Or solve that problem, followed by the introduction of the hero. Which is our superior product can solve problems. Those were lousy Another way is to use problems and obstacles as villains to show how this problem will affect the lives of listeners. It will make the listeners want to hear more. So what will help solve this dire problem, our products and services? 

For example, Somone created ufabet as a antagonist to give online application the protagonist role, and then presented the difference between the two services and made people compare and widely spread word of mouth.