How often should we change bedsheet?

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How often should we change bedsheet? changing bedding Experts recommend replacing them as often as possible. It’s a good idea to change your sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters every week. Pillows, bolsters, and duvets should also be replaced every 1-3 months.

But many people think that changing bedding is a big deal. more often to change more time. Well, let’s go see that if we don’t change the sheets What can happen…?

How often should we change bedsheet?

What happens if the sheets are not changed?

do not change bedding It may not sound like a big deal, but have you ever…? When you wake up in the morning, you have to constantly sneeze, runny or stuffy nose. Part of this may be due to an allergic reaction. But another reason is the sheets that are not clean enough. because the sheets are not clean Used for a long time without changing It is like a small reservoir of germs. And most of those germs come from us as well. 

Why is that?

dermatologist From the United States (American Academy of Dermatology) said that every day while sleeping, a person sheds dead skin cells about 30,000-40,000 cells, which these dead skin cells fall off on our bedding. It’s also a ‘dust mites’ delicacy, so sheets that have never been washed or changed. It is like a buffet table for dust mites. which these dust mites It is also a cause of allergy. itching And also cause acne on the face as well.

In addition, while people sleep There may also be sweat from the cooling of the body, saliva, or oil from the skin seeping out. And some people even allow pets to come up on the bed. This can also cause bedding to become dirty, smelly, and full of bacteria.

bed linen cleaning tips

for cleaning bedding Some people may choose to wash in the washing machine. Ready to spin dry But the sheets are made of different fabrics. There will also be different cleaning methods. which if washing, cleaning or drying in the wrong way It will shorten the life of the fabric and deteriorate faster. 

  • cotton bedding Please clean it by washing in the washing machine. Then put it to dry in the sun. or put in the dryer adjust low temperature not to be too hot To prevent the fabric from hardening
  • Bedding made from cotton blended with synthetic fibers. It is considered the easiest to clean bedding. Can be cleaned by washing machine And then can be spin-drying. 
  • bedding from satin for satin It takes a bit of delicacy to keep the fabric from deteriorating and for as long as possible. Satin bedding should be hand-washed. By mixing cold water with a mild detergent and drying in the shade or low temperature drying. 
  • bed sheets from flannel Cleaning bed linen from flannel Soak the bedding in very hot water. Leave it without rubbing until the water is warm. Then bring the cloth up and twist it until damp. then put it in the sun Keep shaking and turning to dry often until the cloth is dry and you’re done. 
  • Silk bed sheets for silk fabrics can be washed in a washing machine. But choose a washing mode for delicate fabrics (Delicate wash). After washing, let it dry in the sun. But be careful not to use a clothespin. Because it will make the silk scars all beautiful. 

Precautions for cleaning bedsheet

In addition to washing and cleaning properly according to the fabric There are also a few things that should be taken into account when cleaning bed linens:

  • Bed linens should not be soaked in water mixed with detergent for too long.

In fact, before washing Soak bedding in detergent-soaked water to dissolve stubborn stains and make them easier to remove. But it should be soaked for only 5-10 minutes because soaking it for too long or leaving the fabric overnight. will cause the fabric to be destroyed by the effects of detergent until not as soft as before

  • Do not wash bed linens with large piles of clothing.

Sheets should be cleaned separately from clothing, towels, and all other fabrics, as zips, hooks, or buttons leave clothes. May scratch and damage bedding. Until the fabric is damaged, it loses its softness and will make the sheets not clean as they should be.

Solve your doubts and know how to clean sheets. Do not forget to go back and change the bedding. Take it to clean and smell good. will be far from allergy and snuggle up comfortably