5 ways to survive when the economy is deteriorating in the age of Covid-19

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Survive the economic crisis by reducing expenses. ‘unnecessary’

5 ways to survive when the economy is deteriorating in the age of Covid-19. Salaryman like us Often spend a small amount of money on all sorts of fussy things. Such as snacks during the day, 2-3 cups of coffee or bubble tea a day, clothes from the market next to the office motorcycle win fee work at home. There are also many parcels that are accidentally pressed to order without knowing, and many more, which in total can be hundreds of baht. But during this economic downturn. We suggest which part of the expenditure can be reduced. 

 5 ways to survive when the economy is deteriorating

It’s better to lower it. Reduce the cost of snacks and fussy food From coffee or bubble tea, famous brands may change to coffee or Thai tea cart or if the office building is not far from public transportation. Try to get out a little more in the morning and go for a walk. It will help save travel costs. But of course, everyone’s needs are different. Try to adjust gradually from what you can first. And we assure you that you will have more money to save each day for sure.

through the economic crisis Just spend wisely and start saving today.

because I don’t know where the situation will end Will your company lay off employees? Using every baht, every satang right now. Therefore, it should be well planned. Don’t let yourself spend money month by month. You can use the daily drop-box method. If you can split a lump-sum salary into your savings account, even better. Because at least If there is an emergency protracted outbreak economic downturn. Things go up, get sick, or get laid off. There will be some money in reserve.

No traveling, no parties, no shopping during the economic crisis. then turn to delivery service

Young party-goers or people who like shopping for a living would definitely be uncomfortable during the virus epidemic But walking, going out or shopping every day. In addition to the risk of infection It is also the melting of assets that will affect the financial stability of the salary man of course Try switching from outings or parties. and find a new kind of happiness at home. Such as watching movies from online platforms, reading books or playing games if anyone is still itchy and wants to go shopping. Try switching to online shopping and it’s equally enjoyable. But I recommend that if you really don’t need to. Stop shopping first so that you can have money left over in case of an emergency.

protracted economic crisis You must hurry to pay off your existing debt and don’t build long-term debts.

Which salaryman has debt? Whether it’s credit card debt or debt from a large installment. We recommend that you quickly pay off debt. so as not to escalate interest or negotiate with creditors Request to extend the time for repayment. Then try not to create new debts during this period. Reduce credit card swipes Don’t just invest your money. and avoiding purchases that require installment payments Let each month be left with only the necessary expenses such as food, water, electricity and room rent. It will help you save money for the future itself.

Stay up to date with economic news and take care of yourself from getting sick.

The last trick is that you should stay up to date on both the epidemic situation and the direction of the economy. will know the possibility To plan life and use money appropriately. It’s important to take good care of yourself. don’t get sick avoid leaving the house Be careful of risk areas And don’t forget to reserve a mask. disinfection equipment Keep it at home.