Is the water filter really clean?

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So how do you get clean water?

Is the water filter really clean? Because the water supply in each area is not equal in cleanliness. And buying bottled water for consumption has to come at an expensive cost water purifier. It is another option that will help you to produce clean water for your daily consumption and save you money at the same time.

Is the water filter really clean?

water from water filter Is it really clean?

 It is a device that helps to remove various contaminants, germs, bacteria, stones, lime and various chemicals. That are mixed with water. These contaminants are separated into different steps according to the type of water filter.

Polypropylene or PP water filters

Helps filter various impurities, suspended solids, sediments, including dust.

Carbon Water Filter

Helps to eliminate taste, odor, color, chlorine, organic substances and various toxic substances contaminated with water.

resin water filter

It is a limestone filter that helps absorb paint and reduce water hardness.

ceramic water filter

Able to filter up to 30 microns, it acts as a filter for various diseases such as microorganisms or bacteria as well.

wrapped thread filter

It acts as a filter for organic substances. Such as gravel, rocks, soil, sand that are mixed with water.

pleated water filter

It acts as a filter for organic substances as well as a threaded water filter. but can also filter rust.

Reverse Osmosis or (RO) Membrane Water Filter

It has a filtration resolution of up to 0.0001 microns, helping to filter contaminated solutions, viruses or bacteria. Also thanks to this ultra-fine filtration feature, RO water filters can filter salty water to fresher.