Who is at risk for depression ?

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Who is at risk for depression ?
  • People who have recently been through a tragic or traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, fired from work. There is a chance to feel sad for a long time that affects life.
  • Patients with severe and chronic diseases such as cancer patients paralyzed can’t help myself These individuals may feel discouraged and hopeless in life. And become a mental illness as well. In addition, close people who need to take care of the patient are more likely to experience stress and become depressed as well.
  • People with a genetic predisposition to depression
  • drug addict Because many drugs have strong neurotoxic effects.
  • People who have a personality that likes to be introverted, escape from society, but are not quiet people. Say the least, everyone will become depressed. Just not liking to talk to anyone when there are problems. There may be pressure, suppression, and there is a chance that depression will follow.
  • People with accumulated stress. Such as family and social pressure, have to constantly bear many problems.
  • Pregnant women and women after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels for a long time. May cause emotional and mental abnormalities.