What is your goal?

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What is your goal? Have you started planning anything for your life yet? Isn’t there at all? It’s not strange. Because most people are not the same. And that’s why they failed. If your life lacks planning It’s also very easy to do things that are rarely needed. Finally go out to sea, so if you want to play this game of life win. You need to have both long-term and short-term planning. Let’s to see knowledge for successful.

Let’s talk about ”short-term goals” first, short-term goals. How short must it be? This is up to you, but for Richard Templar, author of ”Rules of Work” he recommends you have three short-term goals, which are this month’s goals. this year’s goal And goals for the next 5 years and planning like this will allow you to allocate your own work. And you can plan so that your short-term goals don’t affect your family life. or long holidays as well

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What is your goal?

A short-term one month goal should be about a small project you’re working on and a deadline for your work. Short-term goals for one year It should be about a project that is define, needs to plan, present, and is a goal setting in terms of planning how it will work. And the goals for the next five years should be about goals in life, dreams, in other words. It’s something you want to accomplish one day.  

The next goal is ”Long-term goals” which can be simple things. but important, such as promotion create a family owning a house Or maybe something nice and useful, for example, you want to be successful in your career. It sounds good if you’re going to research the positioning of this career path. Certainty is uncertainty, and anything “unforeseen” can always happen. But someone who is well-plan and well-prepare can easily get past these problems, so study your work well and see what you need to do to get to the position of your dreams.

What makes the short-term five-year goals different from the long-term goals is that Long-term goals are often related to job duties. As for the short-term goal of five years, it will be a step-by-step plan that How to achieve long-term goals What steps are required? Make a plan of what you need to do to be successful at each step, gain experience, deal with responsibilities. learn new skills Get to know people management Maybe you need to move departments, relocate branches, sit in place of executives, relocate companies, whatever needs to be done to achieve your goals. After you know how to do it It’s not that difficult.