Tips for making a price tag

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Tips for making a price tag in addition to setting the price of the product Making a price tag or make artwork for product promotion. It also helps drive purchasing decisions.

3 simple techniques

  • Use red . Red is a stimulating color. So we can often see that stores often use red labels for discounted items or special price products So people tend to have a memory and associate from experience that red labels = cheap. 
  • Get rid of the comma (,). Commas affect the number of syllables and pronunciation. For example, 1,399 is pronounced one-thousand-three-hundred-nine-ten-nine. But 1399 is pronounced one-three-nine-nine. It is a technique to reduce the number of syllables. Also make the price digits look less. Customers will feel that the price is cheap.  
  • reduce font size When the font size is smaller Price perception will also decrease. Another technique that helps customers feel that the product is unconsciously cheaper.   

However Setting the price of the product by keeping it right May cause customers to look at our products and our store in a negative light. We recommends that all merchants get to know your product in detail, know the cost, know the position of the store, and set the product price accordingly. Then add it with a psychological pricing strategy. Because they feel that they can’t find something cheaper and more valuable anywhere else!