Simple trick with the purchase of bedding

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Buy bedding that fits your bed.

Before deciding to buy bedding First, you need to know the size of your bed or mattress. Then choose the sheets that fit your bed. If you buy the wrong size, it’s too small to cover the mattress. Or if it’s too big, it will easily wrinkle. It’s not beautiful and makes sleeping uncomfortable.

The standard sizes of mattresses in Thailand are available in 3 sizes: 3.5 feet (Single), 5 feet (Queen size) and 6 feet (King size). The size used in hotels is around 7 feet, which is a special size that must be made to order. In addition to the size of the mattress You also need to know the height of the mattress. The standard height of a mattress is about 8 inches, and sheets are usually around 12 inches tall. You should inform the store staff completely before ordering.

Bedding from different fabrics will give different skin texture

The texture of the bedding is one of the factors that affect sleep. Some fabrics will make you sleep well. But some fabrics make you restless all night. Let’s see that. What kind of fabric are the bed sheets in the market made from?

100% natural fiber bedding

natural fiber There are cotton fibers, silk fibers and bamboo fibers. But the most popular woven bedding is a natural fiber derived from cotton. Also known as cotton fabric (Cotton).

Cotton or cotton cloth Its distinctive feature is softness. The more you wash, the softer It’s flexible and durable, and it feels cool. Because it has ventilation properties good heat dissipation Bedding or bedding made of cotton therefore suitable for use in hot summer and soft touch It also helps you sleep well.

Bedding from satin

Satin is woven from 100% polyester, a man-made synthetic fiber. It is widely used in fashion, decoration and many other textile industries. 

bedding from satin The fabric will be shiny. look elegant and romantic The fabric is heavy and somewhat drooping. The advantage of satin fabric is that it is smooth and cool to the touch. But it’s more suitable as a bed cover or blanket than a bed sheet.   

Bedding from CVC fabric

CVC fabric or flannel Is a fabric that is a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers in a ratio of 50:50, similar in properties to cotton. is soft and durable But because it is a mixed fabric This makes the fabric less detailed. They are not as breathable as 100% cotton fabrics, but flannel is cheaper. and provide better warmth than cotton Suitable for people who like to change sheets or buy new bedding often. Or used as bedding for children, sure enough.

Bedding made from cotton and satin blended fabric.

The sheets are made from a blend of 100% cotton woven interspersed with 1-inch thick satin stripes. The fabric’s properties are soft to the touch. The more you wash, the softer it is, according to the characteristics of cotton, it is durable and has a beautiful pattern. But the price is higher than 100% pure cotton, so it is used as bedding for hotels, resorts and all accommodation businesses.