Product pricing techniques

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Product pricing techniques with psychology. Let the customer nod as ‘right’ indeed! Cheap products can actually increase Demand to buy. But of course, when setting the price of a single product, there are many factors that need to be taken into account, the main one being cost. Add, subtract, multiply, divide The selling price must not cause a loss, so some products at high costs. So it’s expensive by default. This may lead customers to try to find other options cheaper and interchangeable. 

Product pricing techniques

But today, ufabet has a technique to set product prices using the principles of psychology. No need to reduce product specification. Do not reduce the amount Even if your product is expensive. But the customer will feel ‘right’. Well, how do you do it? Let’s go see.

Set the price of the product ending with the number ‘9’.

The human brain sorts perceptions from left to right. Setting the price of a product that ends with the number ‘9’ is a technique to make the product look cheap. By making the number in front of it less valuable, for example, 499 compared to 500, even if the price difference is only 1 baht. But the brain will remember that the number 4 is less valuable than the number 5. Setting a price like this can make 500 products per piece become It’s just a product that’s more than four hundred baht each by default.   

Set the price of the product ending with 0 or 5.

Products with prices ending in 0 or 5 will encourage customers to buy more from us. That’s because The price of the product is easier to calculate. If you want to buy multiple items, you can calculate everything in your mind. don’t have to press the calculator Help customers make purchasing decisions faster. Suitable for items that can be bought in multiples at a time, such as items in convenience stores. or grocery store where customers come in and buy more than 1 item or more than 1 item .