Let’s get to know sleep meditation!

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Let’s get to know sleep meditation! I believe that many people want to meditate. But they may have health problems such as back pain or not concentrating enough to sit successfully. We recommends “sleeping meditation”. that meditation There are several ways by all means will aim to achieve peace of mind , whether it is.

  1. mindfulness meditation
  2. Mantra meditation therapy or prayer
  3. yoga
  4. Mindfulness practice or mindfulness

which meditation is considered to be a way to develop mindfulness Just change from sitting to lying. The principle is still the same. Practitioners will practice observing and focusing on the various bodily symptoms that occur during meditation, such as breathing through the tip of the nose. including thoughts and emotions by neutral Just recognize it and let it go.

how to meditate before bed

Meditation is not difficult. It’s also more convenient than sitting meditation. The more people who have problems with back pain, leg pain, unable to sit for a long time, meditating is considered a very answer to any friends who are interested in sleeping easily. You can try the following methods.

  1. Lie down with both hands at your sides. Make yourself comfortable and breathe easily.
  2. focus on breathing By inhaling to make our belly bloated. Exhale to flatten our belly.
  3. Concentrate on abdominal movements until falling asleep. If your mind starts to get distracted, thinking about work or worrying about us, slowly pull yourself back to focus on your new breath and let other thoughts fade away again.