How to use credit card safely

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How to use credit card safely? Credit cards are an interesting option in this cashless era. because it is convenient and easy to spend It also reduces exposure to the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus. very well But which credit card should we choose? And if it exists, how do we use it? to be safe and cost-effective Today we have some good advice from Khun Atis Ruchirawat, Managing Director of General Card Services Co.

Which credit card should I choose?

best credit card Is the card that meets our lifestyle or lifestyle the most. Therefore, you should choose a card that offers benefits that meet our spending needs, such as foodie. You should choose a card that stands out for restaurant promotions and/or food delivery services, such as discounts or privileges. Other specials, as for shoppers, should choose a card that offers a discount. cash back Redeem special reward points or others at stores or department stores that you like to shop.

Should pay in full or pay minimum

Credit cards have two important dates: the date of the account balance. is the date to summarize all the expenses we spend each month and the due date is the date we have to pay. If you want to enjoy the convenience of using a credit card without worrying about interest. should have a good financial plan On the due datehttps.

If possible, pay off your credit card in full so you won’t be burdened with interest. But in the event that you can’t pay in full. You should pay as much as possible to keep the interest burden to a minimum. Whether paying in full or not, the most important thing is to pay on time every time. to maintain a good payment history

How to use the card safely

Credit cards should be kept well. and set a secure, hard-to-guess PIN code and don’t tell anyone the password. Do not provide card information and personal information such as card number, expiration date, CVV number on the back of the card, phone number. date/month/year of birth let others know. Because it is information that fraudsters may use in a corrupt way.

for online shoppers Choose a trusted online store, app, or website. And use a one-time password or OTP for every online transaction. Most importantly, you should enable notification messages via SMS or via mobile. Financial Institution Applications To be notified every time when spending via card. And should check every spending transaction when receiving the monthly statement. That it is correct as it is actually used.  If there are any suspicious spending items Should contact financial institutions that provide service immediately.

How to use the card to be worthwhile

Every cardholder should know the benefits of the credit card they hold and study the conditions for receiving the benefits well. Whether it is about discounts in different categories. Giving and Redeeming Reward Points Annual fees, interest, etc., which almost all cards have conditions for receiving these privileges. For example, how much is the minimum required per year to waive the fee? If we know and understand these terms We will be able to plan the use accordingly.

Another issue that should not be overlooked is Promotion of using the card Which almost all cards in Thailand are popular with special promotions all the time, offering discounts, special reward points multiplied by 2, 3, 4, cash back and/or 0% installments as well. Just study the good information, you may be able to The value of using the card more and more