How to deal with PM2.5 ?

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How to deal with the situation of dust in the air that exceeds the standard?

In a situation where the dust exceeds this standard. The most vulnerable group solved patients with respiratory problems. It’s best to avoid going out of the building. especially outdoor exercise For people who can’t avoid doing outdoor activities for a long time. Should wear a mask to prevent dust. Currently, there are many types of hygienic masks available in the market. So what kind of masks should we choose? Today, OfficeMate has information about different types of face masks to recommend.

What types of masks are there?

3 ply paper mask

It is a mask that can be used to prevent infection from coughing or sneezing. commonly used in medicine It’s a mask that we’re all familiar with. But it will not protect against very small viruses, should not be reused and should be changed daily.

Cloth masks

It is a mask that can be used to prevent infection from coughing or sneezing as well as paper masks. But there is an advantage that can be washed and cleaned. and inexpensive

N95 mask

It is a mask that can prevent very small germs. The protection efficiency is higher than the two masks mentioned above. Help prevent infections in the respiratory tract. Effective in filtering up to 95% of germs 0.3 microns in size, the mask will completely cover the mouth and nose area. Make dust, virus or contaminants unable to pass through.

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From the three types of hygienic masks mentioned above, it can be seen that N95 masks are the most effective masks. In the case of small particulate matter PM 2.5, an N95 mask can be used to protect it, but the use of this mask must be selected appropriately. Because this type of mask has different sizes, which can affect the efficiency of the filter if used improperly.