7 things should not be put in the New Year’s basket!

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7 things should not be put in the New Year’s basket! Soon it will enter the new year. This is the time when many people have to think about buying gifts. or to buy new year basket. What kind of way to show respect to adults? or good bosses and executives. Because nowadays there are many different baskets to choose from both consumer goods and consumables. But not all items are suitable for organizing a basket, and here are 7 things that should be avoided in organizing. new year basket In order not to waste money in vain.

7 things should not be put in the New Year's basket

1. canned food

many types of canned food became a popular product that was packed into new year basket because of the large size and help to make the basket look more beautiful but in fact canned food of this type Very little that the recipient will bring to eat. Especially if it is a type of canned food that is not familiar to the eye. or have almost all labels in English Often the recipient will leave it until the expiration date itself. therefore If canned food is avoided. New Year’s baskets should be avoided. so as not to lose the benefit of both the giver and the receiver.

2. Newspaper and empty box

Often unpacking the New Year’s baskets, they find themselves filled with empty boxes and half-packed newspapers. Understand that many people use empty boxes, scrap paper, or large quantities of foam. to push things in the basket to make them convex because if you put too much stuff It will cause the budget set to escalate. Even though I know it’s not good But many people still choose to use this method in organizing New Year’s baskets on a regular basis, try changing to a basket. or a small basket and choose meaningful items. or can be used for real use is better Don’t waste too much money. and also show respect for adults for their intended purpose.

3. Imitation products

Nowadays there are usually shop baskets. And many department stores that put imitation products in baskets as well. This type of imitation They are often made to imitate the current best-selling products. by imitating the whole product shape of the container or even the font on the label If not observed carefully, there may be misunderstandings. even with a cheaper price But it is of much inferior quality. Therefore, imitation products of this type should not be arranged in baskets. Or avoid buying baskets that contain this kind of product.

4. Fresh stuff

All kinds of fresh products should not be organized. new year basket Whether it’s meat, bread, or even ready meals. because it cannot be stored for a long time Must be consumed that day, except that it is classified as a basket of fresh fruit. It may have to consider the freshness of the fruit to be organized. Including the price that may be more expensive during this new year. in terms of suitability If brought to an adult relative in the family. There is a chance to unwrap it on that day, but if brought to the boss or executive. It is likely to cause spoilage before eating. Therefore, if you can choose should be selected as dry goods or products that can be stored for a long time will be better.

5. Round box cookies

Even with a flat order ever. for some places In the event of a New Year’s gift draw, the round box cookies that are familiar to each other are used to draw lots. The New Year’s basket arrangement, too, should not bring round boxes of cookies. (Or square box) is also arranged in a basket. Although it is beautiful or large. Since some recipients may already have received a large number of these cookies at that time, but if unavoidable, may try to look for new cookies or New packaging to add interest.

6. Large beverages that are not produced in the country

If you go shopping for shopping baskets in department stores Often seen in large bottles of beverages that do not look like alcoholic beverages. But it’s not the juice that we’re familiar with. Only the size of the bottle looks big and colorful enough to catch the eye. This type of drink is usually Cider or Sparkling water that Thai people are not very popular. Because of the flavor and has a taste that is not familiar to Thai people. It cannot be mixed to make other beverages. In the end, it was left alone until its expiration date. Very few people will finish the bottle, so this type of drink should not be put into  new year basket. If you really want to add a drink. You should choose a fruit juice that has a taste that is familiar to Thai people.

7. Snacks that are not healthy for the body

Let’s end with The last item that should not be placed in new year basket. That is, snacks that are not beneficial to the body itself. For example Packed biscuits, wafers, or biscuits loaded with unhealthy trans fats and does not provide any benefit to the body at all.