6 ways to awaken office workers

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6 ways to awaken office workers. Many office workers Probably used to feel sleepy after opening his eyes for a few seconds. or some people may press to snooze the alarm as if playing. 

6 ways to awaken office workers

I want to have the energy to get out of bed in the morning. must not snooze the alarm

alarm clock It’s the sound that pulls us out of the reverie of sleep. The brain and body are awakened by the sound of a clock. will prepare to run the internal system To prepare the owner of the body ready to wake up and get up to live, but if we press Snooze and go back to sleep Both the brain and the body that are ready to wake will be reactivated in the sleep process. Pressing to snooze the alarm clock It is a behavior that confuses our body. disrupt the sleep cycle This will make you less refreshed, sluggish, dull, and unenergetic to get out of bed.

turn on the light Or open the window to get the light to stimulate the body to work.

after waking up The first thing you should do is turn on the light in the bright room. Or open the curtains to get natural light. Because the light helps to stimulate the body to start working. Especially with the morning sun that stimulates the body to release dopamine, which is a substance of happiness. It helps the body to be rejuvenated, in a good mood and affects the performance of the brain as well.

Light exercise in the morning to increase energy.

Exercise keeps your blood pumping. This results in our brain and heart being stimulated at the same time. It’s one technique that can help shake off sleepiness, but OfficeMate recommends light exercises like yoga, stretching, or brisk walking. Do not let your body waste too much energy. 

Eat breakfast to give your brain energy.

Due to many factors, many office workers choose not to eat breakfast. But eating breakfast In addition to adding energy to the body It also allows the brain to work more fully. Think about it if you have to sit at work or a meeting with your stomach rumbling. until starting to sting from gastric juice It would be a little distracting. In addition, skipping breakfast also lowers sugar levels resulting in physical exhaustion not energetic and yearning for more food and sugar at noon as well 

Feed your brain with a good podcast or your favorite song.

Another technique to increase alertness and stimulate the brain is listening to your favorite music and good podcasts. Find a fun playlist of upbeat music, or choose an interesting podcast to listen to during your workout, breakfast, or afternoon session. travel to office Sometimes you can get new inspiration. in work as well 

Write a to do list to organize your thoughts each day.

If you have to go to work without a plan I only know that I have to complete a large pile of work, but I don’t know what to do? I assure you that the morning and the whole day will not be bright for sure. Writing a To do list is another technique to help organize your life and prevent forgetfulness, giving you an overview of the tasks that need to be done each day. It allows us to organize the order of tasks. and divide the working time for each piece appropriately Guarantee that it helps to clear the job to be completed, not dropped, not hit by a complaint. Happy and bright all day for sure.

Optimize your sleep each night.

will wake up early and live a bright life The time before bed is important. Because the best thing to reduce drowsiness is getting enough sleep. and to optimize sleep suggest that you should refrain from eating caffeine drink and alcohol before bed At least 2-3 hours for the body to enter the resting process. Do not have to pull the energy to burn food all the time. In addition, OfficeMate recommends that you read a book instead of playing on your smartphone. Because the blue light from the screen stimulates the brain to wake up. Make it harder to sleep  

For those who have to clear the job until late. or have other obligations Keep doing it until it’s too late to go to bed. OfficeMate recommends the 90-minute sleep rule that will help you stay awake. Not dizzy even if you sleep less.